• Melissa Neeb

The Trails are Calling and I Must Go

100 Mile May ended a month ago. I reached my goal, I kicked butt, I got almost 110 miles in with walking, jogging, hiking, and yoga. I killed it!

So how did I go from THAT to THIS?!?

(THIS being: Netflix binging, abandoning yoga, rare walks, and WAY too much junk food!)

I fell off the exercise wagon, and then was too lazy to get up. A few days of downtime and recuperation turned into weeks of inactivity. I am writing this blog post as an intervention on myself.

That's the thing about fulfilling a goal. Once it's done, I think, "Ok, did that. NOW what?" Goals are fantastic, life-affirming, amazing (enter your own inspirational word here). But as humans we are wired to always want more. It's exhausting. After 100 miles, I was exhausted. I dedicated so much time and energy to exercise that others areas of my life fell into disrepair.

I forgot that life's all about balance.

So now I have a new goal (here we go again)! I know, I know. "Another goal?" you say. But stay with me.

My goal is to move. Any kind of movement will do. Whether it's a short yoga session, a teeny tiny hike, some gardening, or a dance party with my daughter. I fell out of love with exercise and I need to dip my toes back in. Slowly. Carefully. So I don't get spooked and run back to bed for another month.

I have to try. Because ironically enough, when I was exercising I had TONS of energy and this non-exertion is making me miserable!

Today the trails are calling me. It's time I answer.

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