• Melissa Neeb

Kasota Prairie Delights

Picture this.

Tall grass swaying back and forth like a old married couple who can't hear that the music has stopped.

Dew sparkling like a treasure chest overflowing with jewels. A majestic tree stately standing among the changing elements. A creek the song you can't get out of your head. The birds calling, conversing, warning each other of your arrival. A deer staring unabashedly, never breaking eye contact.

Your spirit can rest here. It is quiet, except for the patient hum of nature. It is any decade. You are no one, anyone. The sun may be mirrored in the pond; it may retreat under cloud cover. The wind might cut through you or warmly caress your skin.

It will be different every time you come.

Allow yourself to bend and examine the grass, the foliage, the wildflowers. There will be surprises.

There will be self-discoveries along the way, simply because you stopped looking for them.

You will come alive here. Breaking the monotony of the calendar, the clock, the lies you tell yourself about being ok.

You were not ok, but you are now.

Here your thoughts trail off. Your breathing slows. Your heart settles. Your feet root. This wide expanse encircles, protects, rejuvenates.

You no longer see the panorama. You become it.

Experience the prairie for yourself. Let it absorb you.

Be changed by it.


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