• Melissa Neeb

All Dreams are Madness

I remember getting my very first camera. I was maybe 10. It was a Vivitar L.A. Brites hot pink camera.

I was in love.

My parents had also gotten me several rolls of film. They were dismayed when they found out I had used them all up within a few hours.

I couldn't help myself. I was addicted.

It was if I was finally seeing the world as it should be seen. Through that tiny square viewfinder.

With my camera, I transformed from a shy, anxious wallflower to a raw, brave soul who felt compelled to document everything.

I still feel this way. A camera gives me superpowers. Powers to inspire, to treasure the ordinary, to frame the majestic, to capture the entirety of our miraculous world with one click of a button. To break down the complexity and busyness of an environment to one image that you'd like to crawl inside of and live in.

Creating my own company was just a dream until action made it reality. Many said it was crazy, madness, couldn't be done, would never succeed.

Guess what. All dreams are madness. It's the madness that takes hold and becomes all-consuming. It's the madness that refuses to take no for an answer. It's the madness that lights my soul ablaze and fills my every cell with air.

It's the only way I breathe.

Go live your madness.

-Melissa Neeb

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