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Abandoned Buildings | Why Am I So Fascinated?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I am not sure what draws me in. Is it the peeling paint? The weathered wood? The history encased in the bricks? The stories secretly stored underneath the cobwebs and rot? The whispers carried on the breeze of these properties?

I don't know. But I am endlessly, hopelessly obsessed.

Spokane, SD (ghost town)

There is something deliciously creepy and intriguing about walking through an abandoned house, never knowing what I am going to find.

When I walk around a long-forgotten about property, I see beyond the debris, the unkempt grass, the rusty cars. I see a house that once sheltered a family. I see furniture that was once well-used and well-loved. I see walls that once were protection from the elements, even now as the elements have claimed them.

The history on these sites is self-evident. When it is right in front of me, tangible, it cannot be denied. It is no longer forgotten. It existed; it still exists.

Scenic, South Dakota (another ghost town)

I can let my imagination run rampant and unchecked here in this old jail. I can even let my kids experience the walls of solitude around them for a moment.

What sorts of crimes did people in this town do in order to get locked up?

Here seasons come and go and life looks exactly the same. Time slows, stops, rewinds.

Ghosts call to me. Not necessarily dead people, per say, but the energy of what was left here. The fingerprints and stories that were imprinted upon the physical space.

Fairmont Hotel (a former brothel in Deadwood, SD)

The stuff nightmares are made of, The Historic Fairmont Hotel conjures up very real emotions and a belief in the paranormal becomes a bit more likely when walking through these rooms.

I definitely wouldn't want someone (or something) sneaking up behind me at this place!

Even if you are a skeptic (as I was), do a ghost tour and you will be properly freaked out.

If you want to walk in someone else's shoes, or better yet, tiptoe through the pieces of someone else's life, there is no better state to do it than South Dakota. If you love old, abandoned places like I do, Spokane, Scenic, and Deadwood, South Dakota are stops that will be sure to get you all revved up.

Don't forget your camera!

Happy Exploring!


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